Saturday, October 20, 2012

Online MoneyMakerz and Youtube Videos

Online MoneyMakerz Idea #1.


How much can you make on youtube?

Here's some tips for to help you become an Online MoneyMaker

How to make money on YouTube

Turning your video into a money spinner requires catching the attention of the huge potential online audience and YouTube's talent spotters.
YouTube employees scan the site looking for popular videos or successful channels and then approach the bloggers directly to ask for permission to place adverts around or before the clip. 
The revenue is then shared between the video maker and the website, the potential is huge as the site says it now receives 4 billion views a day.
We contacted YouTube to find out exactly how much it is paying out to its users, but a spokesman declined to comment on exact figures. 
YouTube advises users to sign up to its partner program if they are regularly uploading videos. Membership is free and it makes videos available to advertisers, giving users a higher chance of earning money.
YouTube claims to have 30,000 more partners this year than last, and says its aim is to, 'see more people taking YouTube from a hobby to job'.
When we spoke to some of the successful video bloggers they told us that they were ‘contractually obliged’ to not reveal how much there are earning.
However, YouTube claim that there are hundreds of people making ‘six figure sums’ – so it’s no surprise that some people have ditched their nine to five job in and are now making a go of a career online.  

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Monday, October 15, 2012

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