Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Take Your Clickbank to Another Level!

The thing that is so great for you when you sign on to be an affiliate in Clickbank is also the thing that can be so frustrating about the marketplace and that is how big it is. With over 10,000 products available for you to promote, just the task of discovering them all and then selecting and organizing them, can be a real challenge. And if you have wrestled with how to get as much Clickbank product in front of your customers and still keep an orderly system you can work with and your customers can use, a little help goes a long way.

As with a lot of marketing needs though, Clickbank has a way to help you kick your management of the huge Clickbank catalog to another level. The resource they give you is the Clickbank Marketplace which is a tool you can have for free that is a great way to organize product. It can also be a huge boost to your sales and profitability as well. There are extra profits to be made using the Clickbank Mall and promoting the Clickbank products using the mall concept. So this one tool can create various streams of income for you just doing what you already do well, marketing products on Clickbank.

Because you can use the Clickbank Marketplace concept to organize the better products on Clickbank into understandable categories, you make it a lot easier for your customers to find the things they want to buy through you. The potential for commissions becomes quite lucrative as many Clickbank affiliates have reported up to 75% commissions and the ability to market thousands of Clickbank products because of the organizational power of the Clickbank Mall.

One way that the Clickbank Marketplace is so profitable is that it can serve as a way to centralize the use of some powerful internet marketing tools that Clickbank makes available. When you set up a Clickbank marketplace, you can provide webmasters with a free Clickbank search box that will bring customers right to your mall to make purchases. Then whenever a customer uses that search box, you get a commission on top of your existing Clickbank commission as a direct Clickbank affiliate. It is yet another layer of profitability for you.

On top of these benefits, Clickbank has an advertising mechanism that works much like the Google Adsense approach but it far more profitable because it is targeted at the Clickbank affiliate team and enhancing your profitability, which of course makes them and the merchants on Clickbank more profitable as well. You can use the Clickbank Ads free and they even better than Adsense because you earn a commission by the sale rather than just by the click so your take per sale is far greater than the tiny amounts pay per click can generate.

The beauty of the Clickbank Marketplace is that once you step through the process of creating your own free site, really will become your marketing presence that you can use as your total front end for your affiliate business. In laymen's terms that means that if you have been looking for a way to make a lot of money through internet marketing using affiliate sales but you don't want the overhead and fuss of your own web site with all the cost and technical effort that it takes, the Clickbank Marketplace is the perfect solution. You can of course use your existing web property and expand the marketing value with the search bar and links that will make the Clickbank marketplace work virtually as another page of your web site.

But if you have been looking to get into internet marketing in a big way without the burden of a web site, this is the perfect solution for you also. The Clickbank Marketplace will generate a fully functional marketplace web site that can provide the front end for your sales and generate large volumes of Clickbank sales but still be presented to your customers as your web site and your marketplace.

When you begin to get moving using this powerful feature of Clickbank, the money making functions that are still to discover will continue to convince you that this is a great way to go. And the more you exploit this resource, the more money you make for yourself and your partners. That's why this is such a great tool that Clickbank provides to its affiliates.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Internet Money Making Ideas

There are numerous ways to make money online and it's easy to get discouraged and even suspicious when you come across these make money ideasSome people wonderis it actually that easyAnd to be perfectly honestsome internet marketers do exaggerate the simplicity of their products and/or services or they play down the investment requiredBut overallbeing able to generate income relatively quickly and easily online is not some unattainable goal . . .larger numbers of people are doing it every dayThis article will explore just a few of the more common ways to earn online.

Online Jobs:

There are plenty of jobs to be found on the internet and they usually pay on a per hour basisThe better paid ones are considered to be contract jobsJust a few examples of jobs you can find online are copywriting and editing/proofreading of web content/ebooks/newslettersetcCheck out Elance.comGuru.comRentACoder.com or GraphicDesign.com.

Data sorting and other mundane jobs also pay by the hourThis is one of the least exciting make money ideas but the jobs do exist if you look in the ideal placesTo avoid any scamsask these types of questions first:

1Who will pay me?
2When will I get my first paycheck?
3Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission?
4What tasks will I have to perform?
5What is the total cost (if anyof the program?
6What will I get for my money?

It may also help to look into the company with your local consumer protection agencystate attorney generaland the Better Business Bureau in the community where the company is locatedas well as in the community where you live

Posting in ForumsIf you are truly the type that likes conversing to other peoplegiving adviceasking adviceetc., you could get paid for this within various forumsOwners of new forums have trouble if there aren't a lot of conversations going onThey resolve this by paying for postsIf this idea appeals to youdive inshare your ideas and get paid for itTo find forum posting jobsjust type "How to Find Forum Posting Jobsin any of the major search engines.

Affiliate programs can be a lot of fun and very profitableThe key with selling affiliate products/services is learning to generate traffic which you can then funnel to your merchantAffiliate marketing is really popular and there is a learning curve involved but it has made millionaires out of many regular people.

Do you enjoy computer gamesThere's great money in gamingTop players get paid handsomely for participating in tournamentsattending gaming fests and endorsing productsAnd it's not just for the big timersJust about anybody can make a couple hundred dollars a week with this.

The above are just drops in the bucket when it comes it comes to make money ideas onlineFor a more comprehensive listI suggest you check out the article entitled 101 Ways to Make Money online.

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