Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ultimate Power Profits

What is Ultimate Power Profits?

Ultimate Power Profits is a new and revolutionary marketing system that says it is guaranteed to pay out commissions to ALL members every three days.

You basically just need to sign up and without promoting or recruiting… you are going to be able to truly earn a return in your investment by placing ads or by giving away “bid tokens” to be redeemed at the business sponsored penny auction site.
Active members earn as much as 50% or more each and every single month on their purchases and by letting these commissions automatically compound… you might be capable of having your investment DOUBLE or even TRIPLE within 60-90 days with out ever needing to promote the system in any way.
There are three programs to choose from...
IGoBidWin – Penny Auction Earnings
IGoBidWin – Affiliate System
MyTurnOnTopWealth – Profit-Sharing Pool
The concept is very similar to ZeekRewards and Bidify – but without having to market, advertise or bid daily.
GO is advertising and marketing the program as a “Paradigm Shifting” business platform.

Global One offers 4 different participation packages to choose from:
  • Copper,
  • Silver,
  • Gold and
  • Platinum.
Bid Tokens (item sold or purchased) — utilized to spot bids on the penny auction website for merchandise such as:
  • .999 pure gold and silver bars,
  • coins,
  • jewelry,
  •  iPads,
  • electronics and far far more.

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